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What if you need advice? (Education)

We want to work together with parents, young people and professionals to make the SEND process go smoothly for everyone and achieve the best outcomes for the child or young person.

If there is a disagreement with any part of the decision it is always best to try and sort it out as soon as possible.

There are always opportunities to try to reach agreement. 

When a child or young person has special educational needs or disability but does not have an EHC plan.

We would advise talking to the school, class teacher or SENCO.

Or contact SENDIASS   

Or download a copy of the leaflet found at the side of this page

When a child has special educational needs or disability and a request has been made for an EHC plan

Or a request has not been agreed

Or a request has been agreed and some issues are unresolved

Or an EHC plan or Statement of SEN is in place.

We would advise talking to the school SENCO

Or contact SENMAS

Or contact SENDIASS

It is really helpful to talk together at every stage so we are able to answer your questions or concerns.

If that does not work out there are more ways which may help.

You may want to approach a Mediation Service. This service is available to parents and young people to resolve a disagreement about the EHC assessment, whether this has been agreed or not, or any aspect of SEN provision.

We would advise talking to your link person in the SENMAS team,

Or contact SENDIASS

If you want to appeal your case to a SEND Tribunal, then you must first contact a Mediation Service. When this step is complete you are able to register an appeal with the SEND Tribunal.

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