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Department for Education

The Department for Education is responsible for education and children’s services in England. We work to achieve a highly educated society in which opportunity is equal for children and young people, no matter what their background or family circumstances.


We are responsible for:

  • teaching and learning for children in the early years and in primary schools
  • teaching and learning for young people under the age of 19 years in secondary schools and in further education
  • supporting professionals who work with children and young people
  • helping disadvantaged children and young people to achieve more
  • making sure that local services protect and support children.

Our priorities

In 2014 to 2015, our priorities are to:

  • create a self-improving school-led system
  • develop a great workforce - with strong leadership
  • increase rigour and expectations of curriculums, assessment and behaviour
  • protect and increase opportunity for vulnerable children
  • support schools to prepare well-rounded young people for success in adult life
  • remove unnecessary regulation and bureaucracy
  • improve accountability
  • allocate funding more fairly and effectively.

Who to contact

Contact Position
Ministerial and Public Communications Division
0370 000 2288

Where to go

Department For Education
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD


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