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Inclusive Learning Service: Stoke-on-Trent Educational & Child Psychology Team

Educational Psychologists (EPs) provide a range of advisory support and guidance to schools, and other providers of education and care, for children and young people aged 0-25 years old and their families/service providers.

EPs provide this support and guidance through pre-statutory involvement (e.g. consultation) and as part of the statutory assessment (e.g. Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment) undertaken by the City Council, and for those with statutory provision (e.g. Education, Health and Care Needs plan) in place.

The work of EPs covers issues relating to child development and education - especially under each main area of the Code of Practice for SEN, for example:

Cognition & Learning

Literacy difficulties, such as reading and writing,

Comprehension and problem-solving,



Memory and processing


Communication and Interaction

Developing language,

Developing Communication,

Social Communication,

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Visual Impairment & it’s impact on development,

Hearing Impairment & it’s impact on development,

Co-ordination and motor development

Social, Emotional & Mental Health

Social development and skills,


Emotional regulation,

Other mental health states

Stoke-on-Trent Educational Psychology Service, generally takes a solution focused approach which also aims to work collaboratively with parents, settings and other services, whilst placing the voice and needs of the child at the centre of all we do.

In the first instance, parents and others caring for/providing a service to children or young people should try to discuss concerns with providers of universal services (e.g. schools/other settings/visiting professionals such as Health Visitors), who will seek our advice for you or make a request for involvement from our service.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Dr Michele Perry-Springer
Contact Position
Principle Educational Psychologist
01782 234700

Where to go

Hazel Trees
Duke Street
Stoke on Trent


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