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Children in Entertainment

The legislation controlling children in entertainment is very complex and cannot by fully explained in a short document such as this.

There are strict laws and regulations governing children who take part in performances of all kinds, including performing in theatres and other venues, broadcasting and films. Paid modelling and paid sport also come within this legislation.

The Law requires children under the upper limit of compulsory school age (a child’s compulsory schooling finishes on the last Friday in June of the school year during which they have their 16th birthday and not on their 16th birthday) to be licensed by their Local Education Authority for such entertainment, apart from those who are expressly exempted under the legislation.

A child Performance Licence must be obtained for all children, from babies until they cease to be of compulsory school age in accordance with:

Licences are granted when the LA is satisfied that the child's health, welfare and education will not suffer, that all relevant conditions are met and that all applicable information has been provided.

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