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All inclusive activities for people aged 14 and over from the Community Development Team, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

The Community Development Team provide directories of Opportunities, events, activities and courses starting each month. They also produce lists from Monday to Sunday with any regular and ongoing activities which take place every week, fortnight or month, for people aged 14 and over.  These are all inclusive and checked and verified to ensure that people with a disability are welcomed.  We also include directories of what's on in the School Holidays during the Summer:

We also prepare tailored options list upon request, based on a person's interests, preferences and availability.  This can be related to social, educational, training, sports activities or hobbies.  We will always try and find activities, no matter what your interests.  We work with people with a disability aged 14 and over.

We also run the Safer Places scheme, which is a network of organisations around the city which have agreed to provide support and assistance for  members who feel uncomfortable or scared for any reason whilst out in the community.  Members recieve a Keep Safe card with the names and contact details of 2 relatives/friends/carers who can be called to pick the person up if necessary.  Organisations recieve learning disability awareness and a script to help them deal with a range of issues.  Here is the link to the webpage where you will find an application form, summary of the scheme and lists of the Safer Places in the city:

Who to contact

Contact Name
Kerry Summerfield / Tracy Wright
Contact Position
Community Development Team
01782 236174 / 236150
Secondary E-mail

Where to go

Riverside Employment and Training centre
Riverside 2, Unit 7/8
Campbell Road

Other Details


Other notes

We work for the Whole Life Disability Team for people from the age of 14 upwards.  Most of the acitvities we source, research and develop are suitable for anyone.  We can look for activities and provide membership of the Safer Places scheme for anyone with any type of disability or vulnerable condition.

We have a Safer Places APP that can be downloaded for free to any smartphone. Access through Google Play and the App store by typing in safe places (not "safer" places). The safe places app will show you where your nearest safer place is as well as providing directions to get there, opening times of the venue and contact information.


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