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Children With Disabilities Social Work Team

The Children's Disability Team sits within Children and Family Services, Early Intervention and Children’s Social Care and comprises of a Strategic, Principal and 2 Practice Managers; 2 POD Coordinators; 9.5 Social Workers; 5.5 Social Work Assistants and 1 Business Support Officer.  

Referral into the Children with Disabilities Social Work Team comes via the Safeguarding Referral Team (SRT)  and provides a Children and Families Assessment which may lead to the provision of an allocated Social Worker or Social Work Assistant who will draw up a Child In Need Plan to offer Focused and/or Enhanced Social Care Services - Direct Payments/ Overnight Short Breaks in either residential or foster setting/ home based family support services or provision of agency worker support. Carers Needs Assessments will be offered during this process. These services are coordinated in order to support Stoke on Trent's vision for children and young people as set out in the Children & Young People's Plan is for them to:

  • Have a good start in life;
  • Be protected from harm;
  • and be inspired to achieve their potential.

In addition, services for children with disabilities aspire to achieve the following:

  • Every child with a disability in Stoke on Trent is supported and encouraged to fully participate in all aspects of their community alongside their peers.

Specialist, preventative and universal services are delivered in a co-ordinated, multi-agency and multi-disciplinary way to ensure timely access to the appropriate service.

Who to contact

Contact Name
SRT (Safeguarding Referral Team)
01782 235100


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