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Woodview Residential Short Break Service

Woodview, or 170 Weston Coyney as it used to be known, is registered for 24 children, between the ages of 5 and 18, with learning difficulties. Some Chilren are also on the Autistic Spectrum and some have physical disabilities. All need support with communication, and staff have recently received training in Makaton and BSL awareness. It is a highly inclusive and diverse service.

The children benefit from 24 nights per year, mostly Fridays from 4pm through to Sundays at 2pm, and these occur as one stay of two nights per month. They are encouraged to be part of a peer group, developing friendships and social interactions, a unique ‘sleep over’ that is both great fun (with DVD nights, fun activities, sensory stimulation, and occasional trips out), but also with a developmental aspect: recently, we have worked closely with social workers, schools, parents, and agencies such as CAMHS to develop ‘targets’ for children to develop independence skills or social skills during their stay.

Children are encouraged to make choices during their stays, from the room they wish to sleep in , to activities, personal care arrangements, meals and consultation at the end of the weekend regarding what they wish to plan to do next time (or how their stays could be better).

Once a referral is received from the CWD team, a keyworker is allocated and parents are contacted and invited to bring their child to have a look around. If they are happy, an assessment process begins which includes a home visit, school visit, ‘dinner/tea stays’ where the child visits over a period of several months until they feel comfortable and staff feel able to meet their needs. Impact risk assessments and a Short Breaks Care Plan are created before the child has their first overnight stay, which then builds up to two nights a month, the latter can be quickly if the child is settling well.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Rob Snape
Contact Position
Registered Manager
The service contact number is 01782 232985 (weekends only) and the manager contact number is 01782 236734.

Where to go

170 Weston Coyney Road


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