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Boxercise (FREE) classes for students with SEN at TenCountGym Bentilee

A free boxercise class for kids with special needs, an EHC Plan and any other special powers.

30 min session per child 

Our SEN class is for any child with an EHC Plan, any child who struggles with anxiety or anything that does not allow them to join in on activities.

Children who struggle in crowds, children who need clearer instructions or a bit more time to process information. Our class is geared to empower, and engage and welcome all children who need that extra support.

The class teaches basic boxing positions with emphasis on fitness in a fun way so your child will both enjoy and benefit from an all over boxercise routine. 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Contact Position
Gym Owner
07856 750283

About 10 Count Boxing CIO

10 Count Boxing CIO is a registered Charity 

Charity number: 1191711

Ten Count is a registered charity which exists to support the local community. We hold a fully equipped gym with a range of affordable fitness classes for competitive boxers, recreational boxers, youths of all ages including classes for people with disabilities, SEN conditions and those in alternative education. 

We have a full size boxing ring, matted area, punch bags, pads, medicine balls, boxing gym with all the facilities you need and not a single piece of equipment that you don't.

Physical fitness is important for everyone and regular exercise is also vital for a persons mental health. Boxing is a great way to engage people to channel their energy into productive activity, build confidence in socialising and learning the many techniques and  advantages of the sport. Especially since the pandemic has left many isolated and feeling low, having a program like this will help adjust focus and encourage activity. 

Our objectives are: 

  1. The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation, for the benefit of the inhabitants of stoke-on-trent and the surrounding areas by the provision of facilities for amateur boxing. 

       2. To provide or assist in the provision of facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals residing in stoke-on-trent and the surrounding areas who have the need of such facilities by reason of their age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances with the object of improving their conditions of life.

We maintain these objectives by being one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) gym in Stoke and its surrounding areas with no commitment and we have been since we first opened.  

We provide a fun and varied list of activities for every person aged 4 to 104 no matter your situation.

We created a gym we could be proud of, that would function as an economic draw for the Stoke on Trent people, that would make boxing and exercise available for everyone in the community. 

We seek to engage people in the love of the gym and the understanding of how good  physical health is linked to good mental health. That boxing is not just hitting a bag but a full and total body workout, learning strategy and technique, building confidence and so much more.

Ten Count is open to all. The gym can be hired by the hour for clubs, classes or personal training.

The rules here are simple, attitudes stay outside, hard work goes on inside and everyone is equal.

Where to go

TenCount Boxing Gym CIO
The Winchester Hall
Winchester Avenue
Stoke On Trent

The property is located within an established residential estate within Bentilee lying approximately two miles south east of Hanley town centre. The area has benefited from significant regeneration in recent years 

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
FREE After School
SEN Donations welcome


Referral Details

The classes now run on a one to one basis and however siblings can participate in the session to make sure the session for each child is not over whelming. First come first taken so once a space is gone it's gone.

So to make it fair to everyone you must book your place in class via our website or through our app.

Other notes

Our gym caters to everyone. We have ladies only classes, mum and teen classes for family time, private lessons where a 1-2-1 approach is given, we encourage parents to work out while their kids enjoy their class time and we have many affordable plans for everyones circumstances. We are always looking to add new classes and welcome ideas or requests for what the community would like.


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