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Special School Outreach

The vision for Special School Outreach in Stoke-on-Trent is a provision that:

  • Enables pupils who have special educational needs to participate fully in the life and work of mainstream settings;
  • Works collaboratively with other support services to remove barriers of achievement by building capacity, sustainability and confidence in our mainstream settings.

If your child attends a mainstream school and has a special educational need, he / she may require additional support from a special school specialist. This may be for various reasons associated with your child's special educational needs.

Each of the four special schools from within the city deliver outreach support in accordance with their own specialism. That is:

Abbey Hill School of Performing Arts College - ASD / Communication and Interaction;

Kemball School - Cognition and Learning / complex medical and Learning needs;

Portland school and Specialist College - Behaviour / Cognition and Learning - barriers to Learning;

Watermill School - Cognition and Learning / Behaviour / Communication.

Support for pupils may come in the following formats:

  • Specialist Advice
  • Access to resources;
  • Classroom observation and feedback;
  • shared placement;

After the support has been completed, a follow up exercise is usually undertaken after about three months to measure the impact of the support.




Who to contact

Contact Name
Jane Titley
Contact Position
SEN / Inclusion Outreach Manager
01782 882882

Where to go


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Referral Details

A referral is required to access special school outreach support.



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