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The EHC Hub



The Stoke on Trent The EHC Hub is now LIVE


The EHC Hub is a groundbreaking new digital approach to creating and maintaining Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans. It puts families, children and young people at the heart of the process and enables collaboration and transparency with all professionals involved.

The EHC Hub provides a secure shared touch point for everyone involved in the 20 week EHC process to make their contribution, see the contributions of others and all work towards a positive outcome

  • For families it offers a level of involvement and transparency unavailable until now.
  • For the Local Authority (LA) it provides a welcome level of cohesion and assistance in collaborating with and managing the input of all partners across Education, Health and Care.
  • For the contributing practitioners it offers a streamlined process for engaging with each case and for seeing the whole picture.

The EHC Hub provides secure information sharing and workflows that keep the process on track and everyone fully informed at every stage. It captures all the advantages of a brand new digital approach including integration with the online Local Offer. It will be used for new assessments and for Reviews of existing Plans.

Stoke on Trent Local Authority has helped to shape the EHC Hub and is one of the first Local Authorities to go Live. There is a launch event to train the schools on 26th April and the first EHC Needs Assessments will be completed on the Hub by the end of the academic year.

Key features of the EHC Hub will be:

  • Young people and families will be able to submit their views online and upload additional information, including photographs and images that are important to the child or young person
  • Practitioners will be able to submit information and advice online avoiding any unnecessary delays with the delivery of paper-based reports
  • Young people and families will be able to view who has been asked for information and advice and can let the Local Authority know if someone has recently become involved
  • Young people and families will be able to view information and advice at the same time as the Local Authority receives it
  • Correspondence between the Local Authority and the young person and family will be held on the EHC Hub so decisions are shared immediately
  • When a Draft EHC Plan is issued, young people and families can give feedback via the EHC Hub on each section.

To access the EHC Hub please click here

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