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You Said, We Did

You said: You were unable to access and view content on the Carousel via your mobiles phones.

We did: We created a mobile friendly News and Events page accessible from the Home Page.


You said: It would be useful if the information could be viewed on one screenshot rather than having to scroll through lots of information on each webpage.

We did: We have changed the way we plan our information pages so that all key information and links/useful documents follow a one page format.


You said: Some of the directory pages are showing under the wrong category pages.

We did: We have changed our categorisation process to ensure that directory pages are showing under the correct and appropriate categories.


You said: Young people attending schools in Stoke in Trent suggested more videos, cartoons, pictures and widgets to explin some of the long words on the website. This was suggested to us by Rihanna and Mikey.

We did: We are currently looking into adding software which will explain long words on a page and adding further videos, cartoons/pictures.

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