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Feedback and Comments

Feedback is an important part of the Local Offer.  We welcome feedback from anyone who uses the website and the services you find on it. 

We would love to know what you think about the accessibility of information of the SEND Local Offer, the quality of the existing provision and any gaps within this provision, and also the development and review process of the SEND Local Offer.

The Stoke on Trent Local Offer will continue to be improved over time and we will use your comments and suggestions to help us do this. 

We welcome any comments or feedback about this site regarding:

  • The quality of provision
  • Any gaps that you feel there are in Stoke-on-Trent's provision
  • How accessible you feel the information in the SEND Local Offer is
  • Any information you would like to see included
  • How the Local Offer is being developed or reviewed.

How to take part:

Click on the 'Contact Us' button or click here


We are also looking for peer-to-peer content for the Stoke on Trent Local Offer.  We think that messages are more powerful if they are from parent to parent or school to school.  And we think that content for the Local Offer should be produced locally.

We want you to get in touch if you are

  • a child or a young person who wants to share what has worked for you;
  • a parent with advice for other parents;
  • a school that would like to share good practice with other schools;
  • a school that would like to add a virtual tour to the Local Offer;
  • an educational professional who can explain how to access services;
  • a support group who wants to reach out to new members.

We want constructive content that will help and support children and young people with special educational needs and/ or disabilities and their families. 

We are particularly looking for video content and now have a film maker who could record your contribution.   

We are waiting to hear from you at  Please send us a couple of sentences saying what you would like to contribute and we will get back to you.

Autumn Term Summary of Local Offer Feedback

The Local Offer Survey results were collected at the beginning of the Autumn Term after 12 weeks of this being available on the Local Offer website. The survey indicated that 70% of service users were able to find the information that they were looking for on the Local Offer and 84% felt that the Local Offer website was easy to use.  Of all those that completed the survey, 79% believed that information contained in the education section of the Local Offer was easy to understand, 74% of these believed that the Health information was easy to understand and 71% felt this way too regarding the information contained about Social Care. Feedback was received regarding how the Local Offer could be improved. This included information on elective home education, more threshold/ eligibility criteria to support parents understanding on how to access services and information on ‘Outreach’ services.  

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