Elective Home Education

Elective Home Education is the term used to describe a parents' decision to provide education at home rather than sending their child to school.  In England education is compulsary, but school is not.  It is not the same as home tuition provided by a local authority or education provided by a local authority other than at school.

Parents are required to provide an efficient, full time education suitable to the age, ability and apptitude and any special educational needs their child may have. 

Stoke on Trent Local Authority recognise that there are many equally valid approaches to providing an education and what is suitable for one child may not be for another.  However all children should be involved in a learning process.


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Children who have never been on a school roll are not required to register or seek approval before home educationg. If a child is on roll at a school the parents need to notify the school in writing. The school must then inform the local authority.If a child is on roll at a special school and has a statement of SEN or EHC Plan permission must be sought from the local authority to remove the childs name from the register. If a child is subject to a School Attendance Order parents must seek to have the order revoked by the local authority before the childs name can be removed from the school roll.

Parents' right to home educate applies equally where children have SEN.  However if  a child is on roll at a special school the Local Authority must give consent for a child's name to be removed from the admissions register. 

Where a child has a statement of SEN or an Education, Health and Care Plan it remains the duty of the Local Authority to review the plan annually.