Peak Education Through Adventure

At Peak Education through Adventure we offer an educational approach that leverages adventure-based activities and experiences to enhance the learning process for young people that find engagement in mainstream hard for a variety of reasons. While in our care students engage in hands-on, outdoor activities that go beyond traditional classroom settings, creating strong relationships with our team of professional staff with learning with safeguarding at its heart.  Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to develop various skills, including teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, and resilience, while also fostering a love for learning in a new and engaging environment. Here's how we implement our approach:

Adventure-Based Learning Activities:

We plan and facilitate outdoor adventures such as orienteering, canoeing, paddle boarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, or kayaking to safely expose students to new environments and challenges across our 5 centres.

Our offer incorporates activities that promote teamwork and communication, fostering a sense of community among students and staff. This is essential to those students whose aim is to reintegrate back into mainstream education.

Learning Journey:

We designed activities that require students to apply academic concepts in practical, real-world scenarios. For many young people they are learning without even realising it at first.

We organise field trips to places of educational interest, providing students with first-hand experiences related to their curriculum. This is the perfect way for students to progress their learning in new, more challenging environments as they develop and grow with us.

Our development programme creates scenarios that require students to work collaboratively to solve problems, enhancing critical thinking skills in an environment that is safe and builds trust. This can be with staff or fellow students wherever appropriate.

Reflection and Debriefing:

This includes structured reflection sessions after each adventure to help students process their experiences and extract meaningful insights and therefore guide future learning objectives and approaches.

Staff facilitate debriefing sessions where students discuss challenges faced, lessons learned, and explore connections to academic content and development.

Incorporate Technology:

Where ever possible we Integrate technology, such as GPS devices or interactive apps, to enhance adventure-based learning experiences that creates transitional skills for the future.

Encourage students to document and share their adventures through digital storytelling, fostering creativity and communication skills that can also help to show progress and learning.

Curriculum Integration:

We ensure that adventure-based learning activities align with academic standards and learning objectives set for each young person.

To ensure success we foster connections with schools/virtual schools incorporating lessons from various subjects into adventure-based learning wherever possible.

Development and Recognition:

We have developed a participation tracker that evaluate both academic understanding and the development of skills through adventure-based learning. This approach fits hand in hand with EHCP reviews to track progress, learning and changes in behaviour.

Peak have established recognition approach to celebrate students' achievements, progression, learning and growth.

Community Engagement:

We Integrate community service elements into adventure-based learning, fostering a sense of social responsibility and value in the work we undertake with young people

To ensure our work has a legacy,  wherever possible we partner with local experts or organisations to provide students with authentic learning experiences that link clearly to future employment opportunities.

Continuous Improvement:

Over the years we have established feedback mechanisms for students, educators, and parents/carers to continually improve and refine our development programme.  

We provide ongoing professional development for  all staff and partners to enhance their ability to facilitate and support adventure-based learning effectively.

When working with "Peak Education through Adventure" we require a commitment to creating dynamic and impactful learning experience that extend beyond traditional educational methods. We promote a holistic approach to education, emphasising the development of both cognitive and non-cognitive skills essential for students' success both now and in their lives moving forward.

To provide you with piece of mind we are also assessed by external boards such as: 

The Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), The Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres – Gold Standard, The learning Outside the Classroom Award (LOtC)

We work with young people from primary, through to secondary and beyond.  As long as you can fit in our safety equipment you can join us and start your adventure

Our Pricing:

Development programmes

Instructor available for up to 6 hours contact time, usually 9-3 but can be adapted based on client needs.

  • Focused                            – Minimum of 6 sessions.
  • Long Term                        – Minimum of 30 sessions in one year for consistent participants
  • With Transport – 2 staff members, Maximum 3 participants, Maximum 50 miles per day
  • No Transport                   – 1 staff member, Maximum 6 participants plus 2 visiting staff to take part at no cost

Participants cannot be with Peak for more than 4 days per week.
The prices include programme sizes from 1 to 6 young people, however the price reins the same.  If a member of school staff accompanies the young person/people the Peak will only need 1 member of staff on session
Price per group per day, Plus VAT.

Standard prices:

  • Focused/No transport - £275
  • Focused/With transport - £510
  • Long term/No transport - £260
  • Long term/With transport - £500

Multi activity sessions

Land based activities at a ratio of 1:10 £310 plus VAT per day

Water based sessions at a ratio of 1:8 £285 plus VAT per day

These prices are based on summer months and are lower out of season

Residential bookings from £60 plus VAT per person per day

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Who do we work with now?

Virtual schools, primary and secondary schools, MATs, Local authorities, Young carer services, Police, Youth Offending teams, Youth Groups, Sports Clubs, Corporate teams

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