SEND travel assistance - September 2024

You are now able to apply for SEND travel assistance for the 2024-25 academic year. There are a number of reasons as to why you may be required to apply or re-apply, which are outlined below:

You will need to apply if

  • you are accessing SEND travel assistance for the first time 
  • you have any changes to report such as a change in educational setting / home address or changes in your child’s need that may affect any current offer of travel assistance.
  • you are moving into Post 16 education.
  • Those already accessing Post 16 education are also required to re-apply each year even if there is no change to home address or educational setting. Travel assistance for those outside of statutory school age is a discretionary service and may be subject to a financial contribution, further details can be found in our SEND travel assistance policy. We would encourage you to read the SEND Travel Assistance Policy for further information.

Applications can be submitted online via the SEND travel assistance page on this SEND Local Offer site.

You will not be required to re-apply for travel assistance if you are already in receipt of some form of assistance and your child is statutory school age with no changes to report. If you are currently receiving travel assistance and wish to change the type of assistance received, for example moving from commissioned transport to a bus pass or wanting to request a Personal Travel Budget (PTB), then you will need to re-apply clearly explaining what you are requesting and why.

It is also important to note that having an EHCP is not a guarantee of eligibility for SEND travel assistance.

*Please note that applications should be made by 31st May 2024*

Published: 22nd April 2024