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Personal Travel Budgets (PTBs)

Personal Travel Budgets (PTBs)

Parents of children and young people who are eligible for travel assistance may be able to receive a personal travel budget instead of transport. A personal travel budget (PTB) is a payment for you to spend on your child’s travel to school. You can spend this payment in a way that best meets your needs as a family and thereby giving you choice and control over the journey.

You can use the money to:

  • pay for the costs of driving your child to school
  • give to a family member or friend so they can drive your child to school
  • pay for someone to walk your other children to school
  • spend on taxi fares or public transport costs
  • pay for anything else that works for your family

The acceptance of a PTB is voluntary; parents can choose to opt out of using a PTB at any point. 

Find out if you are eligible for a PTB

Fill in our online SEND Travel Assistance application form on our travel home page to see if you are eligible for travel assistance. 

To be eligible, you must meet the criteria for support with travel. If you are found to be eligible for travel assistance, you will be able to confirm your interest in receiving a personal travel budget.

Personal Travel Budget (PTB) Claim Form

If your application for travel assistance has been approved, you may have already agreed a PTB.

You will have been advised that at the end of each month, you must complete a PTB claim form to confirm which days your child attended school in order that we can pay you your personal travel budget. You can now do this online using the form below. You no longer have to have your form signed by the school as we will check attendance for the days claimed. Any days claimed that are not attended will be adjusted in the following month’s payment.

PTB Claim Form